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Polywater Lz-Drum 55-Gal Polywater Lubricant Lz 02786806740 Sold Per Drum

Polywater Lz-Drum 55-Gal Polywater Lubricant Lz 02786806740 Sold Per Drum

Item # 55460115
Model # LZ-DRUM
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Material and Supplies
Lubricant- Greases
CA Prop 65 Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Description

American Polywater Lz-Drum 55-Gal Polywater® Lubricant Lz 02786806740 Sold Per Drum

5-Gallon (18.9 Liters) Pail

Do You Specify Or Install Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Cables? Ensure The Integrity Of Electrical Construction Projects By Specifying An Appropriate Cable Pulling Lubricant. Many Commercially Available Pulling Lubricants Weaken Lszh/Lshf Jackets And Should Not Be Used On These Cables.

Polywater® Lz Is The Only Pulling Lubricant Developed For And Tested On Lszh/Lshf Jackets. It Meets The Performance Needs Of Power Plants, Mass Transit Systems, Airports, Petrochemicals, High-Occupancy Buildings, And Other Construction Projects Using Lszh Power, Control, Instrumentation, And Communication Cables.

Polywater® Lz Is A Specification-Grade, Clean, Slow-Drying, Gel Lubricant That Is Broadly Compatible With Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Jackets. Lubricant Lz Provides Reduced Tension On All Types Of Cable Jackets. Lubricant Lz Dries To A Thin Lubricating Film That Retains Its Lubricity For Months And Won’T Cement In The Cables.

Polywater® Lz Is Also Tested And Broadly Compatible With Cspe (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene) Fire-Retardant Cable Jackets. American Polywater Lubricant Lz Is The Recommended Lubricant Choice For All Cspe Cable Installations.

Research On Cable Pulling Lubricant Fire Parameters: An International Wire & Cable Symposium Paper Entitled “Fire Parameters And Combustion Properties Of Cable Pulling Compound Residues“ Presents Startling Data On Lubricant Residue Combustibility. In The Research, “Wax-Type“ Lubricants Were Found To Melt, Ignite Easily, Burn Vigorously, And Spread Flame Through A Conduit. This Paper With Details On Energy Flux Testing Is Available Online At Www.Polywater.Com/Iwcs.Html.

Polywater® Lz Will Not Ignite And Sustain Flame In Standard Tests. It Is Less Combustible Than Fire-Retardant Cable Jacket Control Samples.

Cable Compatibility: Cable Pulling Lubricant Compatibility Is Evaluated Using Ieee 1210 Test Methods. Tensile Strength And Elongation Tests Were Performed On Over 29 Different Lszh Cable Jackets Representing A Number Of Manufacturers And Lszh Technologies. Cable Jackets Were Aged In The Lubricant At The Temperatures Specified In The Standard. Polywater® Lz Lubricant Showed The Broadest Compatibility With Lszh Cable Jackets. Most Cable Pulling Lubricants Available Through Local Supply Houses Had Significant And Sometimes Devastating Effects On Lszh Cable Jackets. Shown At Lower Right Is A Photograph Where Improper Cable Lubricant Choice Contributed To Lszh Cable Jacket Failure.

Recommendations: Engineers Should Specify A Cable Pulling Lubricant That Does Not Negate The Fire Suppression Effectiveness Of Fire-Retardant Cables Or Degrade Jacket Materials. Performance Specifications For Lubricants Should Include Physical Property Effects, Jacket Compatibility, Ignition And Flame Propagation Character Of Residues, Coefficient Of Friction Parameters Specific To Cable Type, And Manufacturer Approvals. Polywater® Lz Offers Proven Cable Compatibility, Superior Combustion Resistance, And An Inherently Low Coefficient Of Friction. Polywater® Lz Should Be Specified For Installations Of Lszh/Lshf Cable In Duct.

Caution: Because Of Ongoing Production And Formulation Advances In Lszh Cable Technology, Please Verify With Cable Manufacturers The Current Status Of Lubricant Compatibility, Or Contact American American Polywater Directly For Specific Jacket Details.

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